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Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0 is the last CAT tool developed by Heartsome Technologies Ltd and is now open-source and available for free. Its ease-of-use, scalability, portability and stability places it among other industry-leading software but, since it is now available for free, at a much better performance-price ratio. On the downside you will have to deal with problems by yourself now since there is no support available anymore from Heartsome Technologies Ltd. However, you might find help from other users or documents online.

Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0 supports various XML-based open standards, including XLIFF 1.2 on which its native file format is based; TMX (Translation Memory eXchange 1.4 and lower) and TBX (TermBase eXchange), which are used for exchanging translation memories and termbases; SRX (Segmentation Rules eXchange version 1.1 and lower); as well as support for other XLIFF files from other CAT tools.

Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0 provides a new integrated interface, allowing you to complete the whole localization process from file preparation to post-translation processing in a single unified interface. The main interface provides multiple panels. You can drag and drop them to your favorite place, minimize and maximize them, or switch between vertical and horizontal layouts.

Converters and supported file formats:

  1. Supported file types: RTF, HTML, XML, DITA, plain text, Java Properties, PO, RC/ResX, SVG, Open Document (OpenOffice.org 2.x) and OpenOffice.org 1.x, Office 2003 (indirect support), tagged RTF. Also features a sophisticated segmentation rules manager that complies with the SRX standard.
  2. New and enhanced filters for Adobe FrameMaker 7/8/9/10 MIF files, Adobe InDesign IDML files, SDL Trados XLIFF files and DejaVu XLIFF files.
  3. Redesigned Microsoft Office 2007/2010, HTML, and SDL Trados TagEditor (.ttx) filters.
  4. New file conversion rules.
  5. New, highly-efficient XML parser.

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Also available: Heartsome TMX Editor


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