DuoLingo is a free online service to learn a language and it has a bunch of different languages to choose from. Among the 27 languages you will find French, German, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Korean, and even Klingon (for those translators who are working or wish to work in the movie or TV show branches).

The language courses are well structured and DuoLingo provides a lot of motivation to keep going. It is fun and at the same time provides all the necessary areas to improve your skills from vocabulary and grammar to speaking and writing.

The following quote from the DuoLingo team says it all and we could not find better words to describe the value of services like this one:

We created Duolingo so that everyone could have a chance. Free language education – no hidden fees, no premium content, just free.

Duolingo is used by the richest man in the world and many Hollywood stars, and at the same time by public schools students in developing countries. We believe true equality is when spending more can’t buy you a better education.

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