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The free Heartsome TMX Editor is a powerful editor for all TM-based CAT programs. It offers many useful and convenient features in addition to the usual editing functions so that all maintenance tasks can be performed easily with a single tool. The Heartsome TMX Editor does not need to be installed. Just unzip the package and run the executable (under Windows 7 and higher you might need to run the software as Administrator)

Note: Unfortunately the Heartsome products are not further developed anymore and there is no support for them. As far as we can tell the tools work fine but if something happens you are on your own.


Edit large TMX files

Designed for large TMX files to easily edit the content or TU attributes of an entire TMX or TM.

Conditional filters

Comfortable filters to find segments with inconsistent translations and invalid characters or to isolate segments which are not translated.

Custom filters

Create your own filters to filter out segments using standard or custom attributes and to modify, delete, or export this filtered segments as needed.

Batch modus for TM-maintenance

Manage your TMs automatically in batch mode. For example, you can delete duplicates (only the last instance remains), old inconsistent translations, or untranslated segments in a single operation.

Tag-cleanup with a single click

Clean up all the tags and formatting information in your TMX file with a single click, to increase the TM matches and the TM stability.

Convert bilingual files to or from a TMX

A new TMX converter helps to convert all kinds of bilingual file formats such as Word, tab-delimited text files or Excel files to TMX/TBX/HSTM/HSTB files, or vice versa.

TMX quality control

Quality control is an easy task. A list of quality testing will be provided to you in which you choose which tests are applied to your TMX files.

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

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