The online CAT tool SmartCAT is a free multifunction work environment for professional translators

All key translation automation instruments are combined into a single solution. Apart from translation memory, SmartCAT offers state-of-the-art machine translation, customer glossary support and automatic quality checks.

To start your work, just open a browser!

SmartCAT is a completely cloud-based solution. No more need to purchase, install and update special software. To start work, just log in from any computer browser.

Encryption and security

The confidentiality of the documents in process is guaranteed by protected cloud storage. The system uses the HTTPS protocol and is only available to authorized users.

SmartCAT is now free

As of February 25, 2016, SmartCAT is free (click here for details) both for freelancers and for companies, including translation agencies. Freelancers have now an extended access to important features and corporate clients can invite an unlimited number of users (managers, in-house and freelance translators) to contribute to their projects. Click here for the details of the features for freelancers.

Which SmartCAT features are free?

It is now possible to add as many projects and as many users to your projects as you want. Access to the database of freelancers from 100 countries is open as well. Other free features include: translation memory, terminology management, quality assurance (QA Check), built-in industry dictionaries, and multistage workflows (for example, translation>editing>proofreading). Learn more about the professional translation tools available in SmartCAT on the official website.

What do I still need to pay for?

Machine translation, OCR, premier-tier technical support (response time under 2 hours), a dedicated account manager as your single point of contact, private cloud hosting, the Server version, and custom development remain for-pay.

What about new features in SmartCAT for finding and working with freelancers?

Translators, editors and proofreaders can be found via SmartCAT. The freelancer marketplace allows clients to search for freelancers, contact them, and invite them to work on translation projects – all in SmartCAT.

Freelancers can be payed at the rates indicated in their profiles an it is possible to coordinate directly with the freelancers regarding deadlines, pay for their work, and communicate with them about the project.

As a pleasant bonus it is possible to track the task progress online in real time. SmartCAT shows how much of each stage has been completed and how much remains.

According to the SmartCAT website over 50,000 language professionals – translators, editors and proofreaders – have already registered with SmartCAT.

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