DropBox & CryptSync

Securely transfering large files with DropBox and CryptSync (only for Windows). Both applications are free, with DropBox being a popular cloud storage application and CryptSync an application to encrypt your confidential data before they are uploaded.

At first we did hesitate to add DropBox as a means of transfering large files to your clients because DropBox does not provide the ability to encrypt your data. And if you deal with confidential files than most, if not all of the popular cloud storage providers are out. However, we also know that sometimes large files need to be send and email is often not a solution because many email providers restrict the size of attachments. Therefore we came up with this solution of combining DropBox with CryptSync.

How it works:

  1. You first sign up for DropBox and install the application, which is needed to sync the data you place into the folder created by the DropBox installer to the cloud. All the files placed directly into the DropBox folder will be synched to the cloud unencrypted.
  2. In the second step you create a source folder at a location of your choice for all the files that need to be encrypted.
  3. The third step is to install CryptSync. You provide CryptSync with the source folder, which you created in step 2, and with the target folder, which is the DropBox folder. You also need to provide a password that will be used to encrypt your files. One more choice to make is whether you want to sync manually or if you want CryptSync to run in the background and encrypt and sync automatically what you place into the CryptSync folder.
  4. Once the files are on DropBox you can create a download link which you can send to your client. And don’t forget to send the CryptSync password to the client as well but in a separate email for additional security.

DropBox available for: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

CryptSync available for: Windows 7 or later

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