Update: Translate faster using QTranslate and Google GNMT in your Translation Software

QTranslate is a free desktop translator for Windows. This small utility translates text in any application that supports text selection. It also has the ability to speak text and perform a dictionary search. You can also just open the main window and type text manually or paste text into the application.

Note: The program translates text by using online translation services, so you need an Internet connection. As for other online services you might want to be careful to trust those services with confidential content.

The current version supports the following translation services:

Google Translate
– Bing Translator
– Promt
– SDL FreeTranslation.com
– Yandex.Translate
– youdao
– Baidu

The main features:

– Translate text in any application that supports text selection
– Search in online dictionaries
– Instant translation
– Spell checking
– Text to speech synthesis
– Word suggestion/autocomplete
– History of translations
– Virtual keyboard

Available for: Windows

Download QTranslate:

Tip – Use Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) and other services inside your desktop application for Free

The Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) service is free to use if you use Google Translate. However, if you want to implement the API into your desktop application (e.g. memoQ, TRADOS, OmegaT, etc.) you will have to pay for it. With QTranslate you can legally use GNMT for free.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Install QTranslate
  • Open the Options dialog from the task bar by right-clicking the green bubble that represents QTranslate:

Options For QTranslate

  • Go to Hotkeys and choose your keyboard shortcut to Replace Selected Text (double-click on the shortcut item):

Hotkeys For QTranslate

  • Close the dialog and you are done.

Now you can use the GNMT translations in every application that allows text entries, including your translation software (memoQ, TRADOS, OmegaT, etc.). You just do the following:

a) Select the text you want to translate and a black bubble appears.. click on it and the translation appears.

QTranslate - Select Text

b) Now just use your shortcut (e.g. Ctrl-R) and the selected text will be replaced with the translation.

This is of course still not the optimal way but it’s better than nothing. Instead of “selecting text, copy the text, paste the text into Google Translate in your browser, copy the translation, paste translation into your application” you just do “select text, click on black bubble, use shortcut“.

Note: GNMT is not available for all languages yet but QTranslate supports 8 online translation services so one of them might support your language.

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