Free Language Translator

The Free Language Translator is another desktop application using the Google translation tools to translate text between more than 30 languages.

The tool can be used to translate text you type or paste directly into the editor or you can translate documents available in some of the more popular formats (doc, pdf, txt, html, rtf documents, srt or sub subtitle files or avi, mkv or mp4movie files). You can drag those documents directly from the Windows Explorer into the editor.

The results of the translation through this tool are of course not perfect and you need to edit the outcome in order to use it somewhere else than just for yourself. However, for a quick translation with the purpose of just getting an idea what the text is about, the result is sufficient.

Note: As for other tools using online translation services you should be aware that the original source text and the translated text flows unencrypted over the Internet. So if you translate confidential content you might want to think twice about using these kind of tools because Google might potentially inspect and/or store the content and use it for their own purpose.

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