XLIFF Editor

The free XLIFF Editor is a versatile open source translation editor using the XLIFF standard. It aims to provide translators with a quality editor for both documentation and software. It features tag protection and interactive Translation Memory.


  • Versatile, can be used for both software and documentation
  • Sentence segmentation
  • Tag protection
  • Interactive Translation Memory
  • File format based on XLIFF standard
  • Platform independent
  • Open source (GPL License)

The XLIFF editor is especially useful when the content to be translated contains tags and placeholders. It aids the translator by protecting tags and only allows translatable content to be changed.


The Editor is ready for basic translations of XLIFF documents. At present it only supports a subset of the XLIFF standard and is not guaranteed to work with XLIFF’s in the wild. However the vast majority of XLIFF documents out there should be supported. The major features missing are full XLIFF compliance, tag verification, spell check and overall polish.

Available for: Windows

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