Hunspell Dictionaries

Good dictionaries will help you to avoid spelling mistakes and are used in many applications such as CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and word processors.

Hunspell itself is a spell checker and morphological analyzer for complex languages and is implemented in applications like OmegaT (CAT tool), OpenOffice (word processor), Firefox and Chrome (web browsers), Thunderbird (email client), and many more.

For most applications you don’t have to worry about the dictionaries because the correct dictionary or dictionaries will be installed when you choose your working language in that application. However, there are some applications (e.g. OmegaT) where you will have to find the dictionaries by yourself and that can turn out to be a frustrating experience.

In order to help you to avoid a long frustrating search on the web, we provide you the following links to some repositories of dictionaries for many languages:

Available for: Cross-Platform

Download Hunspell Dictionaries at TU Wien:

 Additional Resources:

Hunspell Dictionaries at USSG
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