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A Freelancer needs a virtual home to represent her or his business and along with it an email account as a means of communication.

For this services we do not recommend to use free services because the website and email account should only be about your very own business and not to advertise for other companies because it would look unprofessional (free websites usually place ads on the websites you set up and the email will also not refer to just your business/personal name).

In addition, free email providers such as Yahoo!, Google, etc., are not so welcome with your clients for security and privacy reasons (and, again, it also doesn’t look professional). It is better to look for a hosting provider and set up a professional email account. This has the advantage that at the same time a professional website can be set up as a point of contact for customers and for marketing of translation services.

Here are our recommendations:

Domain Name: Namecheap is a great and reliable place to find an inexpensive domain name (we recommend a .com domain) that suits your business. You can research the availability of the domain name you want at Namecheap or here and then register it at Namecheap.

Register your domain name at Namecheap:

Hosting Provider: HostGator is a reliable place (99.9% uptime guarantee) to host your website. It is also inexpensive and provides a great customer service and you can set up as many email addresses as you wish (e.g.,, etc.).

Register for Website Hosting at HostGator:

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