Google Translator Toolkit

The Google Translator Toolkit is a free web-based CAT tool that requires a Google account. With the Google Translator Toolkit, translators can organize their work and use shared translations, glossaries and translation memories. They can upload and translate Microsoft Word documents,, RTF, HTML, text, Wikipedia articles, and more.

The Google Translator Toolkit is supported by Google Translate, a web-based translation service. Google Translator Toolkit can be configured to automatically pre-translate uploaded documents using Google Translate.

Besides that there are many other options and it seems that Google Translator Toolkit becomes a real CAT alternative that can not be ignored.

However, as for Google Translate, a note of caution should not be missing here: Because the Google Translator Toolkit is an online service, confidential texts should perhaps better not be translated with Google Translator Toolkit.

For more information please visit the Wikipedia article about Google Translator Toolkit.

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