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Google Translate can perform translations from single words to long paragraphs in many language pairs (e.g. English <-> German, English <-> Japanese). Now with Google’s Neural Machine Translation System this free service is better than ever before. After several  month of intense testing we can now say that the results are great in at least some languages (including English<>German and English<>Japanese) for the area of technical translations (the area our translation service is mainly focused on [and here in German]).

In addition you can select a term in the source and you will get instantly a definition for the term, examples, and other useful information. And if you click on a term in the target field you get more suggestions for translations.

However, a note of caution should not be missing here: Since Google Translate is an online service, confidential texts should perhaps better not be translated with Google Translate.

Access Google Translate:

In addition to this online service Google provides another translation tool called Google Translator Toolkit which is more complex and offers a lot of features modern CAT tools provide.

Tip: You can use Google Translate and a bunch of other similar services more efficiently right inside your desktop applications and in all browser apps using QTranslate.. give it a try.

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